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Marine workstation computer supply and repair

SAAB SCC52 industrial computer

Various systems on board the vessel normally use type approved computers. There are two kinds – ones that are primarily designed for office work and special purpose industrial PCs. Most of these are required to run 24/7.

What happens when one such computer fails and the critical system operation is compromised? Because the software is bespoke and specifically designed for a certain make and model of PC, you cannot just buy a new PC from a store and expect it to work. In the case of special purpose industrial PCs this is not even an option.

Normally you would ask the maker of the system for a replacement.

There are several issues that you could have with this option:
– very long delivery time (4 – 8 weeks or more)
– very expensive
– availability or compatibility concerns 
– no replacement option / outdated hardware
– makers offering original unrefurbished new old stock replacements that fail quickly

If you are really unlucky your system is no longer supported and the maker can only offer a very expensive full system upgrade.

What are the alternatives?

We can supply the exact model you need – because new is not available, we refurbish the hardware. To make it better than originally intended, we replace all common failure components with high quality spare parts – we can do this because in low batch production the cost difference is negligible. Through the use of modern technology that was originally not available, especially in regard to power supplies – reliability is vastly improved. We provide warranty, no questions asked. And best of all, this is more economical. Special purpose industrial PCs can most of the time be repaired or refurbished with savings of at least 50% or even up to 75% of original price.

Our refurbished computers have very low failure rates – typically running 24/7 for 5 years or more.

We believe this is a viable alternative and more environmentally friendly.

A list of the most common refurbished models available that we stock (SFF and/or CMT form factor):

  • HP Vectra VL400 (production year around 2000)
  • HP D51S
  • HP D530
  • HP DC5100
  • HP DC7100
  • HP DC7600
  • HP DC7700
  • HP DC7800
  • HP DC7900
  • HP DC8000 (Elite 8000)
  • HP DC8200 (Elite 8200)
  • HP DC8300 (Elite 8300)
  • HP Elite G1

And many more.

We use high quality unoriginal industrial power supplies designed for 24/7 operation with extended operating temperature range (normally up to 70°C). Originally the power supplies that are in these systems are intended for office work (8 hours a day). Same as original fitting is possible because we design and manufacture 3D printed brackets.

So why choose us for supply of your special purpose PCs:
– very short delivery time (2-5 working days or less for emergency supply)
– exact specification and model that your system is designed for
– higher quality components than original model (industrial grade power supplies)
– very low failure rates (typical 5+ years for a system running 24/7/365)
– savings of 50% or up to 75% compared to original price
– minimum 2 year warranty for fully refurbished parts
– environmentally friendly option with less electronic waste
– custom 3D printed solutions

Get in touch for a quote or in case of further questions. 

Just because the maker has discontinued support on your system ten years ago does not mean you have to discontinue it as well. However you have to be smart about it. Electronic components that are “new” or unused and have been sitting in a warehouse for 10 years will not work for a very long time in a demanding industrial environment.