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Marine workstation computer supply and repair

SAAB SCC52 industrial computer

Various systems on board the vessel use computers that are either designed for office work (but used for 24/7 operation) or special purpose industrial PCs.

What happens when one such computer fails?

Normally you would buy one from the maker of the system for a hefty price. What to do if the model you need is no longer available? Would you consider a more expensive retrofit? Replace all?

No need.

We can supply the exact model and maker you need. Even better, we replace the hardware with identical new hardware. If new is not available, we refurbish the hardware to make it like new. It comes with warranty, no questions asked. And best of all, it is less expensive. Special purpose industrial PCs can most of the time be repaired for a fraction of the price.

We believe this is a viable alternative and more environmentally friendly.

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